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Farming and forestry

Farming and Forestry

We invest in farming businesses, working with our tenants to improve productivity while enhancing biodiversity. Our success relies on partnership working and a strong landlord tenant relationship.

In farming, the business:

  • Supports tenant farmers (with tenancies totalling approximately 30,000 hectares) to strengthen, grow and diversify their businesses
  • Invests to repair and improve farm buildings and infrastructure
  • Helps young farmers get a foot on the farming ladder by encouraging new entrants and next generation tenants
  • Collaborates with Moredun Research Institute to improve farms biosecurity and promote understanding of livestock diseases and animal welfare

Crown Estate Scotland manages 5,000 hectares (around 12,000 acres) of commercial forestry, mostly in Glenlivet. With typical forest tree plantings taking 50 to 70 years to mature, we take a long-term view and work with communities and partners such Forestry Commission Scotland to promote multi-purpose forest management. 

In forestry:

  • Invest in paths, roads and access to help people enjoy the forests under its care
  • Increase woodland diversity through conservation and landscape projects such as peatland restoration, native broadleaf replanting and preserving habitats for native species
  • Invite communities to help determine how forestry can work side by side with leisure (mountain bike trails, skiing, camping, bird-watching) and business activities (water bottling, biomass fuel burners and community business centres)
  • Harvest mature timber in forests, replanting with commercial species and native Scottish trees to create mixed woodlands
  • Offer visits and activities for school children and vocational training opportunities for older students
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