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Crown Estate Scotland (Interim Management), trading as Crown Estate Scotland, was established by The Crown Estate Scotland (Interim Management) Order 2017. Under The Crown Estate Transfer Scheme 2017, the functions of the Crown Estate Commissioners, and the rights and liabilities set out in the transfer scheme, transferred from the Commissioners to Crown Estate Scotland.

Crown Estate Scotland operates under a Framework Document drawn up by the Scottish Government. This sets out our:

  • Functions, duties and powers
  • Aims, objectives and targets
  • Responsibilities and accountability, including our relationship with Scottish Government
  • Plans, budgets and controls
  • External accountability arrangements
  • Staff management arrangements
  • Certain aspects of our financial framework

Scottish Ministers appoint our Chair and the Board. The Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland regulates the appointments. The Chair has a three-year term and Board members have two or three year terms, with a total maximum length of service of eight years.

Our Chief Executive is accountable to the Chair and Board, with an annual salary between £97,000 - £102,000.

As part of our commitment to openness and transparency, we publish all papers and minutes of Board meetings except when there is a clear statutory / legal reason to not publish. This is usually when the information is commercially / personally sensitive, or it relates to the formulation of government policy. 

We periodically review our decisions to withhold publication of papers. This means that some papers that are initially withheld may be published at a later date when they are no longer sensitive.

For further information, please contact Helen Howden, Governance Manager: / 0131 260 6070.

Board documents and papers