At Crown Estate Scotland, we invest in property, natural resources and people to generate lasting value for Scotland.

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Our work to deliver for the people of Scotland sees us act in four, distinct roles

How we help

With effect from 27 September 2021, new legislation came into force which allows eligible bodies to apply for transfer or delegation of management functions for Scottish Crown Estate assets. The eligible bodies are: a local authority another Scottish public authority (with mixed functions or no reserved functions within the meaning fo the Scotland Act 1998) a Scottish harbour authority a community organisation For a detailed explanation of the background to this change, and… Read more about Transfer and delegation

How we help

In 2020 we launched the Sustainable Communities Fund, aimed at supporting local regeneration and sustainable development around Scotland’s coast.   The fund is made up of two different programmes, with up to £750,000 of funds available over a three-year period.   One of the projects which we supported through the fund in its first year is an effort to manage watercourses and create hedgerows on our Applegirth Estate, encouraging… Read more about SCF grants

How we help

The Tay Reedbeds are a unique wildlife habitat within Scotland, a large portion of which is leased from us and managed by RSPB Scotland. Covering around 400 hectares near the Tay estuary, they offer an ideal home for RSPB priority bird species such as bearded tits, marsh harriers and water rail; but without careful management, the reed degrades as a habitat and it becomes more difficult for these birds to live there. For best results, a mix of… Read more about Tay reedbeds

How we help

We work to champion outdoor learning for children and young people. Outdoor learning helps children to develop skills and knowledge, as well as encouraging healthy and active lifestyles. Examples of work we have been involved in include: ‘taster’ sessions for students from Wester Hailes, Edinburgh, at our Whitehill Estate in Midlothian, to learn about woodland management, ecology and try out practical conservation skills  - The course, provided with Earth for Life, allowed… Read more about Woodland sessions

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